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THE YEAR – 2010.
THE MAN – Mr.Pavan Sheemikeri. THE PLACE – A small restaurant housed in one of the alleys of historic Bagalkot.

This is where we began…

Back in 2010, Mr.Pavan Sheemikeri, armed with a strong background in the catering business. He opened the first Pakwann Food Paradise Restaurant in a small alley in Bagalkot, which humbly served healthy & authentic recipes, alongside the newspaper and early morning banter. His eager customers just came by for a hot, steaming Dosa's and Idli for breakfast! Here was a man with not only a passion for food but also a keen business sense.

No dreamer is ever too small, no dream ever too big. Pakwann Food Paradise has come a long way. There are older restaurants and places with cooler backstories maybe, but for nearly 10_ plus years, everyone in Bagalkot and beyond, young and old, is familiar with ‘Pakwann Food Paradise Restaurant’.

The early days were tougher times, but Mr.Pavan Sheemikeri single-handedly made ‘Pakwann Food Paradise’ possible. Exotic food like Palak Paneer and Verity In Dosa were served, and also affordable ghee rice and Kerala Parotta. They consistently built rapport, making each interaction with customers unique; such was their passion, a sure winner all the way!

From a small, obscure cafeteria, Pakwann Food Paradise has grown to the latest lush Highway Restaurant en-route Hubli-bijapur. The Pakwann Food Paradise journey that began in 2010, with one person and the F&B business he built, is as legendary as the exotic and affordable food that’s served till date.

Discover the Pakwann Food Paradise Experience

A sense of playfulness is instilled in our dishes, with innovative cooking techniques and unique presentations that we can confidently say will stimulate your mind as well as your senses.

Pakwann Food Paradise is proud that the food served is one that people can have on a daily basis. Through personal interpretations of ingredients and taste, the meticulous cooks have arrived at a scrumptious menu where flavour, texture and harmony are paramount.

Right from the selection of our raw materials, our meat and poultry, from cooking to our final presentation before our valued customer, every stage is scrutinised and is of utmost importance to us.

We continue to love what we do and are a growing business.


That’s what we love to call it and that’s what it is called. If you are vegetarian and you love simple, homely food you must visit here! The highway beckons every traveller to eat healthy food so that his journey is without discomfort and we take great care in serving authentic vegetarian recipes from namma Karnataka. These restaurants are a home away from home, where fresh and colourful food full of flavour is cooked daily on the premises. Our restaurants each with their own style and personality offer clean and hygienic food, that are easy on the stomach and the pocket!

RISE OF Pakwann Food Paradise

It has been an exciting five decades; we have prudently grown along with the city. Pakwann Food Paradise Restaurant is now one among the leading chains of restaurants in Bangalore. We have a heartfelt need to showcase to the world the cuisine of Bangalore, as our loyalties lie in this city. It goes without saying that Bangalore is on the radar of everyone from foodies to families and is perfect for a weekend outing, but it is also this beautiful city and the people that gave us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and make it a reality, and hence the love for this gorgeous city.

Pakwann Food Paradise is proud of its progress, under management that has been competent and instrumental in achieving the milestones thus far. All progress takes place outside the comfort zone and under the towering leadership of late Mr.Pavan Sheemikeri, Hotel Pakwann Food Paradise took a remarkable turn in terms of service and business. They say people who succeed have momentum, the more they succeed, and the more they endeavour to reach higher plateaus. Today, the family’s third generation of achievers is taking the Pakwann Food Paradise chain to the next level.

Pakwann Food Paradise is not simply a restaurant; it is a world of passion where we relate to the need to offer people with sumptuous and satisfying food, thereby finding a place in their hearts. It is a unique place, where every creation and every element has its own meaning because they contribute to creating a journey, to discover the gastronomic culture of a country. We take every opportunity to give our patrons an intense and enveloping taste experience, in which the flavours and colours, together with that spark of inspiration and creativity, satisfies and delights a hungry belly.

We never sit on our laurels. At Pakwann Food Paradise, we continue to test new technology, cooking methods, marketing tactics, and even new ways to operate our business to create the best culture and food. We presently have arrived at a sustainable business model though profit was never our purpose. On the contrary, our driving force is ‘volume’. Under the aegis of our late Mr.Pavan Sheemikeri, there was a remarkable shift in our strategies in 2007 to expand across the city. We flaunt a common theme across all our 24 outlets in a very standardised operation, following the ‘central kitchen’ concept for quality procurement and taste consistency.

Food is a language that connects and is also the identity of a people. Our dream is to make Pakwann Food Paradise a place to come back to, because, to us, our customer is our honoured guest and will be treated like a king, every time.

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